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Standard 24 to 36 month warranty for home and business customers.

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Active subwoofer TR-218P 2x 18", 2400 W RMS, Class D, DSP processor

Active subwoofer TR-218P 2x 18

Powerful active subwoofer 2x...


1.422,88 Eur

LED PAR flat reflector 9x 10 W 4-in-1 RGBA (Amber), DMX

LED PAR flat reflector 9x 10 W 4-in-1 RGBA (Amber), DMX

Powerful LED PAR reflector in a...


52,80 Eur

Profi 3-in-1 RGB laser, 5 W, 30 kpps, ILDA, DMX, analog, SD card

Profi 3-in-1 RGB laser, 5 W, 30 kpps, ILDA, DMX, analog, SD card

Innovated model - now also with...


957,16 Eur

White mini LED strobe light 100 W, Auto, Sound

White mini LED strobe light 100 W, Auto, Sound

Compact stroboscope with five...


39,60 Eur



05.02.2024 New FU Club & Lounge controled by Music Visualization


10.10.2023 Neon lights for Singal Festival


04.02.2023 Club equipment and DMX Music Visualization control for JK House


01.03.2022 Lights in the colors of Ukraine flag on Wenceslav Square


20.01.2022 Sound and ligts for The Freex on area of 1200m2


01.02.2021 SOH controllers are used on facade of Primark on Wenceslas Square


25.05.2018 The biggest long-term light installation in Czech Republic by SOH lights


04.12.2017 SOH technology controls Christmas trees in the Old Town of Prague


23.05.2017 We are part of the biggest Virtual Reality Festival in Central Europe


07.05.2017 We invite you to the new SOH Vltava lasershow in Aquapalace Prague


15.03.2016 More than 700 pieces of our USB-DMX 512 modules on store!


04.02.2016 We offer warranty from 24 to 36 months even for the companies


20.10.2015 DMX Music Visualization controls lights in the sauna world Saunia


20.10.2015 SOH provides the lighting art installation on the Czech Design Week 2015


20.10.2015 DMX Music Visualization controls lights in clubs Postel and Uhelna


14.07.2015 More than 500 pieces of new light effects on store!


12.02.2015 DMX Music Visualization controls lights in the club Zlatý Strom


30.01.2015 SOH designed animated DJ counter for the Jägermeister Undercover Games


30.01.2015 Designový animovaný DJ pult od SOH na Jägermeister Undercover Games


22.12.2014 Christmas tree on the Prague Town Square lit up by SOH technology


01.10.2014 The new laser rock show for Aquapalace Prague


20.08.2014 Special offer for digital LED stripes WS 2811


07.02.2014 We have moved! Our new address: Antala Staška 14, Prague 4, Czech Rep.


01.02.2014 DMX Music Visualization controls lights in new club Kotnov


10.01.2014 DMX Music Visualization controls lights in new club Storm


22.11.2013 Christmas tree on Wenceslas square light up by SOH technology!


29.10.2013 Permanent music show in Aquapalace spa


22.07.2013 Full MIDI Input/Output support added to DMX Music Visualization


17.05.2013 New small DMX lighting set for LED and Laser including project


07.03.2013 Newly released version of DMX Music Visualization 2.6 runs 10 times faster!


05.03.2013 DMX Music Visualization controls lights on a new tour of Arakain band 2013


07.12.2012 Small tests of new laser diodes on the CD covers


23.08.2012 We offer customization of HW & SW applications for DMX512 control


03.07.2012 DMX Music Visualization in action: Rock For People - Converse Silent Disco


22.05.2012 Be sure to watch us 26/5/2012 on Shark Tank (Den D) on CT1 at 23:50 CET!


05.04.2012 At stock more than 500 pieces of USB-DMX512 controllers


26.03.2012 New pricelist of our products valid from 1st April 2012 available.


21.03.2012 On 23rd April you can see us on Czech TV One between 9 pm and 10 pm


19.01.2012 Rent a tent for a wax heart tribute to Vaclav Havel


29.12.2011 Charitable gift of 15.000, - CZK for the project Strong Heart


11.10.2011 We have new distributors in the USA. Please visit section DISTRIBUTORS.


03.09.2011 Sound system for DJs & Dance Marathon Prague 2011


08.08.2011 At stock more than 400 pieces of USB-DMX512 controllers


07.07.2011 Rent techniques for the fashion show John Malkovich


06.06.2011 Our office will be closed on Monday 13/6/2011. Casting in TV show Den D.


06.06.2011 New version of DMX Music Visualization 2.4 released!


24.09.2010 Lights and sound for David Guetta warm-up


20.07.2010 Grant a project for the protection of industrial property rights approved


01.07.2010 Lights and sound for Philip Morris Red Zone stage


17.02.2010 Developed DMX Light Control for Windows CE


21.01.2010 Patent - Lighting Technology Controlling by Audio (LTCA)


08.05.2009 Instalation of DMX Music Visualization in Hard Rock Cafe Prague


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