If you shop in our e-shop often, you can make the best of our new discounts that are applied according to the money you spent there in the last six months. For example, after purchasing goods for 3000 CZK the discount is 2% off of all the products in the whole e-shop.

Discounts according to the spendings in the last six months
0 - 3000 CZK 0%
3000 - 6000 CZK 2%
6000 - 10000 CZK 3%
10000 - 25000 CZK 5%
more than 25000 CZK 7%
This table is only an estimation of the discounts in USD. The discounts depend on the prices in CZK calculated from the up-to-date exchange rate.
0 - 136 USD 0%
136 - 273 USD 2%
273 - 455 USD 3%
455 - 1136 USD 5%
more than 1136 USD 7%

The size of the discount will appear after you log in. You will find the amount of money you spent to the date in the order history.

SOH reserves the righ to change these conditions without notice. The discounts are applied according to the ranges in the table above.


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