Profi 3-in-1 RGB laser, 5 W, 25 kpps, ILDA, DMX, analog

Profi 3-in-1 RGB laser, 5 W, 25 kpps, ILDA, DMX, analog
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New Laser Model - contains 5 W 3in1 laser diode module with a perfectly balanced and calibrated white !!! Thanks to the modern laser module, which is manufactured as a 3in1 RGB laser, there is no risk of the color position being blown by the laser. In addition, with a precisely designed CNC milled case, the minimum laser dimensions are achieved.
This is the most advanced laser manufacturing technology in 2018.

Compacted dimensions. Scan speed 25 kpps. Laser diode brightness adjustment for analogue modulation 16,7 mil. colors.
Wide viewing angle 60° (30° with ILDA PC control).

Built-in 96 kinds of geometric animations and 103 kinds of cartoon animations. Auto mode, built-in mic for sound control (Sound Active), DMX512 control (19 channels), Master/Slave linking (3-+pin XLR IN/OUT). ILDA graphic mode - we recommend Pangolin Quick Show.

Pattern selections, laser diode brightness adjustment for analogue modulation, color change, X/Y movement, dimmer, animations rotation, zoom in/out, drawing, etc. Individually X/Y axes control.

PC linking with 3-pin XLR IN/OUT or RJ 45 IN/OUT sockets on the back panel. Digital LCD display. Keylock for the safety use. Active air cooling fan.
Including hanging bracket.

For this 5 W RGB 3in1 laser is suitable flight case transport box.

We also offer other variations of these 3in1 module lasers.


Technical specifications

Total power:   5000 mW, analogue brightness adjusment
Diode:   1x RGB 3in1 module, 5 W
(red 1 W / 638 nm, green 1 W / 520 nm, blue 3 W / 450 nm)
Scanner:   25 kpps
Beam angle:   60° (with ILDA PC Control 30°)
Working modes:   AUTO, Sound Active, Master/Slave linking, DMX512, ILDA
DMX channels:   19
DMX linking:   3-pin XLR IN/OUT for DMX or Master/Slave linking
                       RJ45 IN/OUT sockets
ILDA:   25-pin IN/OUT connectors
Display:   digital LCD display
Power supply:   Bi-Voltage 110 V to 220 V - 250 V, 50/60 Hz, 20 W
Dimensions:   220 x 185 x 245 mm (W x H x D) (without handle)
Weight:   6000 g
Package:   laser, power cable, hanging bracket, user´s manual, safety key

This product can be directly controlled by music via the USB connection!

DMX Pipe & Music Vizualization

Hardware and software, which allows controlling of light show only thru playing music. Usable for any kind of light technics equipped with DMX512.

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