LED PAR flat reflector 9x 10 W 4-in-1 RGBA (Amber), DMX

LED PAR flat reflector 9x 10 W 4-in-1 RGBA (Amber), DMX
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Item description:

Powerful LED PAR reflector in a thin FLAT design, equipped with 9 x 10 W 4-in-1 RGBA LEDs, each with a diameter of 30 mm !

The reflector is equipped with full-color RGB diodes containing an additional diode A (Amber). This allows you to create high-quality warm white with better luminosity than separate RGB diodes. This RGBA variant is used for technical reasons mainly in television studios, theaters, but also wherever it is necessary to create a pleasant atmosphere of white light.

Amber (yellow-orange) - see photo:

The 4 in 1 LEDs have the main advantage that the colors are mixed directly on the diode. The shade is so uniform, there is no color rainbow at the edges of the illuminated objects and the mixed color is not only in the illuminated area, but also when looking directly at the reflector diodes (so the disturbing individual colors of RGBA LEDs are not visible).

The intensity of red, green, blue and amber LEDs can be set directly on the reflector with fine resolution, one of the seven automatic modes can be selected, the built-in microphone can be used for control, or the reflector can be controlled remotely using the DMX protocol. Modern LED technology lasts up to 100,000 hours.

The reflector is in a thin flat design and is equipped with a double ramp of the Floor type with the possibility of a comfortable position on the ground but also hanging on a light ramp, including tilting:

The 4-button display is used to adjust the reflector.

The spotlight works in automatic mode, or has a built-in microphone and thus responds to the music being played. Possibility of connecting other reflectors using 3-pin XLR cables (Master / Slave), DMX512 control, LCD display with 4 buttons for easy adjustment.


Technical specifications

Light source:   9x 10 W 4-in-1 RGBA LEDs, diameter 30 mm
Angle of light:   26°
Power:   90 W
Cooling:   air - active fan
Power supply:   AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating modes:   Auto-mode, Sound Active, DMX512, Master/Slave
Control:   LCD display, 4 buttons
Holder:   type FLOOR
Recommended operating temperature:   -25° to + 35° C
Dimensions:   250 x 250 x 100 mm
Weight:   1200 g

This product can be directly controlled by music via the USB connection!

DMX Pipe & Music Vizualization

Hardware and software, which allows controlling of light show only thru playing music. Usable for any kind of light technics equipped with DMX512.

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