Active 15" speakerbox Mackie SRM215 V-Class, 2000 W RMS

Active 15
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Item description:

Active 15 "speaker from the Mackie SRM V-Class serie.
Power 2000 W RMS. Setting parameters using wireless
Bluetooth technology !

The SRM series speakers were the first active speakers in the Mackie range to be described as portable. Thanks to the great sound, their technical parameters and affordable price, they immediately gained immense popularity. An enhanced V-Class series is now available, offering unique Bluetooth wireless technology, parameter settings via a four-channel mixer application directly from your mobile device, a special treble horn with SymX technology and professional sound complemented by DSP effects.

SRM215 V-Class is an active speaker with a two-channel mixer, which is thanks to the Class D amplifier capable of delivering RMS power up to 2000W RMS, it is then equipped with a fifteen-inch woofer and a special upper for the widest possible beam angle. Thanks to intelligent Bass management, the signal in the speaker is tuned to achieve optimal sound projection, with the maximum possible scatter. Acoustic optimization is also aided by a built-in DSP with four sound modes (PA, DJ, Monitor and Solo) or a separate equalizer for each channel. In addition, you can save up to ten custom presets.

On the rear panel of the SRM you will find two XLR-Combo Jack inputs together with a parallel XLR Thru output and an AUX input. Thanks to this, it is possible to work with two channels and possibly connect the SRM to another box. You can also connect mobile devices to the speaker via Bluetooth technology at a distance of up to 100m, where in addition to the music player, you also manage the complete box settings using four virtual faders. Each channel has its own Gain driver, above them are located the switches of the built-in feedback destroyer and limiter.

The advantage of SRM is also low weight - only 22.2 kg, cabinet made of very durable 15 mm thick poplar plywood and a shape that will serve in any application. Due to its wide frequency range, it can also be used as a monitor, mounted on a speaker stand or hung on a stage structure.

We also offer the othe variations of Mackie SRM V-Class serie speakers.

Technical specifications

Type:   2-band
RMS power:   2000 W
Max. SPL:   136 dB
Subwoofer:   15"
Frequency range:   40 Hz - 20 kHz
Inputs:   2x Kombi XLR / Jack, AUX
Outputs:   3x XLR
Nest:   36 mm
Dimensions:   447 x 732 x 391 mm (W x H x D)
Weight:   22,2 kg

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