Active speakerbox RCF ART 912-A, 1050 W RMS

Active speakerbox RCF ART 912-A, 1050 W RMS
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Active speaker from the new RCF ART 9 model serie.
12" LF, two - channel amplifier class D, 1050 W RMS power.

• up to 130 dB Max. SPL
• Amplifier: Class D with 1050 W RMS, 2100 W Peak
• frequency range: 50-20000 Hz
• HF: 1 "with 1.75" coil
• LF: 12 "with 2.5" coil
• DSP with FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control (BMC) technology

Careful development, premium components and especially the historical legacy of the best-selling RCF product line brings ART 9, a new model line of active speakers, which excel in their flexibility in various application scenarios from stage monitors, satellite assemblies (with subwoofer) and the main PA.
The combination of a driver with a 1.75 '' coil, a 12 '' subwoofer, a two-channel 1050 W (RMS) Class D amplifier and the new True Resistive (TRW) sound guide with constant directionality generates 100 ° x 60 ° coverage with a wide stereo image that interfering distortion reaches a maximum sound pressure of 130 dB. The construction of the speaker itself has undergone a complete re-design, which also includes redesigned bass reflex mouthpieces and reduces unwanted resonances.
Thanks to DSP processing, which uses FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control (BMC) technologies, you will enjoy accurate and consistent low frequency performance together with your audience. The new ART 9 series also boasts a much more sophisticated high-frequency performance than we were used to with previous models.

We also offer other variations of RCF speakers.

Technical specifications

Category:   active fullrange
Biamp:   yes
RMS power (LF):   700 W
RMS HF power:   350 W
RMS power with built-in amplifier:   1050 W
Crossover frequency:   1800 Hz
DSP:   yes
FiR filters:   FiRPHASE
Cooling:   convection
HF - size:   1"
LF - size:   10"
Maximum SPL with built-in amplifier:   130 dB
RDNet:   no
Range -6 dB:   50 - 20,000 Hz
Beam angle:   100 x 60°
Amplifier:   Class D
Dimensions:   363 x 370 x 642 mm (L x W x H)
Speaker weight:   19 kg

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